Hello Mobirders:
     Sorry I haven't had time yet to send the photo to all of you who were curious, but just FYI, the consensus among those who have seen it and responded is that the bird is indeed a juvenile Cooper's hawk. Because the photo shows the bird only and nothing that gives any sense of scale, the possibility of sharp-shinned remains, but several responders pointed to other features that point more strongly to Cooper's. Consensus also seems to be that the bird was hit by a vehicle, so there doesn't seem to be any concern about a possible pigeon poisoner on the loose in Alton.
     Having a busy night here at The Telegraph tonight, but I will try to send the photo from home this weekend to all of those who asked to see it. Thanks for everybody's help and Best Regards--Steve Whitworth, assistant city editor, The Telegraph, Alton, Ill.
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