Thursday was a cold but beautiful sunny day, so we decided to go to Baldwin Lake to look for geese and up to Peabody River King to look for shrikes.
Bird List in checklist order:
Snow Geese - thousands most clustered near the Baldwin power plant
Canada Geese - both locations
Cackling Geese - two counted by one car at Baldwin 
Great Blue Herons - a few both locations
Red-tailed Hawks - one sitting in tree had a lot of white in the head
Eagle species - soaring with "fingers" spread, but backlit by sun (Peabody)
N Harriers - several at Peabody
Red-tailed Hawks - both locations
Am Kestrels - several
Am Coots - small bunch at Baldwin
Ring-billed Gulls - several flying in distance
Rock Pigeons
Eurasian Collared Dove - 1 seen by one car in town
Mourning Dove - several near ECD location
Northern Flickers - 5+ on ground at Baldwin
Blue Jays - several both locations
Am Crow - a few at Baldwin
Horned Lark - one startled from the parking lot at Peabody
Carolina Chickadee - woodpile near Baldwin
Tufted Titmouse - same as chickadee
WB Nuthatch - same as above
E Bluebirds - farm field near Redbud
Am Robin
E Starlings
Am Tree Sparrow - woodpile
Song Sparrow - same habitat
WT Sparrow - same habitat
White-crowned Sparrows
DE Juncos -
N Cardinals - at least 6 pairs in yard of last house before turn-in to Baldwin Lake entrance
Red-winged Blackbird - at least one male in mixed blackbird flock
Brewer's Blackbird female ID'd by Richard Coles
Brown-headed Blackbirds - town of Baldwin
House Finch - feeders near Redbud
Am Goldfinch - same as above
No sign of a shrike - wish they had left the wires up along the main road at Baldwin
Undoubtedly there were Ross's Geese in the enormous flock at Baldwin, but too far to ID
Two distant possibles at main parking lot turned out to have big grin marks
A nice day to be out birding and a few St Louis Area year birds for a few birders.
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