I went out to The Thompson River Wetland this evening to do a little Ice Skating. The skating was a little tricky as the warm sun today softened the ice on top in some places. Made it interesting to stay on the harder ice, It was a beautiful time as the sun was dropping behind the hills, and then the action picked up. Flocks of Canada geese were flying over going back and forth from the river. I spotted a Bald Eagle at the top of a large Cottonwood on the bank. Then I saw a female Northern Harrier flying and another sitting on the ground. Then more starting coming in, and then later some males came, at least 10 NOHA altogether. It was a little tricky standing on the ice on skates, looking through Binos while turning about 180 degrees trying to count flying Hawks too! 
  A Barred Owl called briefly, then a little later a chorus of Coyotes followed by more from another direction. Finally I saw a couple of Short-eared Owls had came up. I "barked" and one came in to check me out. It is always exciting watching a raptor through Binos as it comes straight in at you. It flew up and over and went on it's way. Fun ending to a nice outing.
 Earlier in the afternoon Dianne and I had driven down to Fountain Grove CA to take the dog for a walk. We found a small pool of open water where it was running through a control structure and a few ducks - a female Goldeneye, pair of Lesser Scaup, and a male Canvasback. I am always amazed how quickly Waterfowl can show back up and find a little bit of open water!
 Steve Kinder
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