15 species of birds were at the hdqt feeders this morn ca 11AM, including 6 
sparrow sp (3 Fox), and 4 Purple Finches.

On open water at EB only 6 Common Goldeneye.

One immature Eagle on the ice at the pump house with several photographers 
and others focused on him.  18 Crows in that area--'spose they were 

Friends report several Pine Siskins at their feeders. Only ones I have heard 
about here in the Columbia area.  Sandy Elbert and I checked out the feeders 
yesterday to no avail.  Coopers Hawk did fly through the yard.  The couple 
live on Grant Lane--backed up against Hinkson Woods they tell me. Will keep 
checking on those.

Slowest day for birding at the Eagle Bluffs I have ever witnessed, but the 
area is so beautiful with the snow and ice.  And the sunshine.  It has been 
a while.

Anne Downing
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