Had a pretty uneventful afternoon at Eagle Bluffs.  There were no birds at
the feeder and very few in the front half of the park.  The Tree Sparrows
are still hanging out in the soybean field right as you turn in, but other
than that, I couldn't spot any other sparrows.  The raptors have also
largely disappeared, although there was a Kestrel cruising along the power

The back side of the distribution channel is full of Mallards and Canada
Geese, but even with my scope out, I couldn't pick out any other species of
duck in the mix.  However, there were other groups of Mallards in some of
the pools opposite the distribution channel and I found another lifer:
Northern Pintail.  There were three of them hanging out with a group of
Mallards in one of the flooded corn fields.

Past the end of the distribution channel, there was a pair of Common
Goldeneye avoiding the excitement.  Off in the distance in one of the closed
off loops in the back, there was a massive swarm of Mallards and Canada
Geese easily topping 300 of each.  Occasionally, they would lift off and
swirl around in the air before lighting again...but that was about all we
saw in 2 hrs this afternoon.

Chase Darr
Columbia, MO

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