This my first post to this listserv.

Don't usually see much about towhees this time of year, but heard  
their distinct call today along Brush Creek Trail at Shaw. I observed  
two males and two females in a large brush pile on the left near the  
end of the trail where it leads to the prairie area. I just camped out  
next to a tree about 50 feet from the brush for about an hour and they  
eventually emerged. I watched as a male scratched up  leaves for food.  
When it looked like he had something juicy, the other male swooped in  
and chased him away. Two females also eventually emerged from the pile  
to scout for food. I believe there may be more than 4 birds because as  
I left there was another male in the brush pile behind me, unless one  
of the others sneaked by me.

This was rewarding in that there was no foliage to block views.  I am  
only starting my 3rd year doing this and today was one of the more  
rewarding experiences I had. Thought others may be interested if you  
happen by Shaw.

Gary Bohn
St. Louis

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