At Eagle Bluff Hdqt in McBaine, I saw one Purple Finch.

While waiting for maybe a Red-breasted Nuthatch or Fox Sparrow or whatever, 
a woman in an SUV drove up to the hdqt and went to the door.  She was hoping 
that MDC might help her disengage a large snake from her grill. While 
driving close by, seems a hawk, snake in talons swerved, missed her vehicle 
but dropped the snake--and it ended up wrapped in her front grill. We both 
thought it a bit early for snakes to come out of hibernation, but there it 
was. It looked large to me--several feet long--but all snakes look large to 
me, and it had yellow stripes running down its side.  Awesome. She was not 
too happy about the whole thing.

There were also numerous cardinals, titmice, chickadees, white-crowned and 
white throated and all the usuals.  The feeders had just been  filled.

Anne Downing
Columbia MO
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