I have often wondered about other's thoughts regarding my wandering around Dexter or other small towns with bins around my neck. I do get some strange looks, but have grown accustomed to them.
Luckuly, I haven't really had much of a menacing run in with anyone here in the bootheel. Mostly just curious inquiries by farmers or passers-by that, generally checking to see if I'm broken down.
That being said, I work with several volunteer firefighters and others that have scanners in their homes, and in the past 2-1/2 years of having lived in MO, my license plates have been called in over the scanner about 5-6 times. I would never have been the wiser had these people not told me they heard my name over the scanner.
I'm guessing my parked vehicle out at conservation areas here or there, through all times of the year may appear suspicious to those looking for criminal activity. It's not the best looking vehicle either.
So Les, your situation may just have presented the officer the opportunity to run your plates in the off chance you were a derelict or deviant. Way to keep your nose clean!
Also: Snow is now covering the bootheel after last night's winter storm. This weeks cold temps have most the shallow ponds and lakes frozen shut. Still decent numbers of waterfowl are present (as of 1/5/10) in what little water remains open at Otter Slough's Cypress Lake and nearby refuge pools.
Have a great day!

Chris Barrigar
Stoddard Co.
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