This morning we had nearly 1,000 Canada Geese, about 20 Mallards and a Common Goldeneye huddled in and around a small area of open water remaining in the ice-covered lake behind our house.  The heavy snow had brought them in during the evening, and at full dark many geese were just snow covered bumps on the ice.  This morning, about half of the geese left, with the remaining geese and ducks staying close to the water. 
       Looking out the window at just the right moment, I saw a large adult Bald Eagle circling over the bunching waterfowl.  It circled several times, and then hovered over the flock as if looking for a likely victim.  Finally, it landed on the ice at the edge of the water, peering into the flock which was by then huddled together in the water, as far away as possible.  The Eagle remained for awhile, but finally gave up and took off, heading north and east -- quite a relief for the geese and ducks, I'm sure.  What a wonderful sight on a bitter cold morning! 

Good Brrrrding!
Susan Seyboth
Kansas City, MO
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