We sighted 17 bird species in our now suburban, once cow pasture, future bird paradise yard in Liberty today (we ended 2009 with 47 yard birds!).  They were eating from feeders, and berries and seeds from our many native plants.  We had 3 Harris's sparrows at once (our yard record), a tree sparrow, 2 white-throated sparrows (1 singing weakly) and dozens of juncos, plus a mockingbird, chicakdees and Carolina wren (3 infrequent visitors), a red-tailed hawk flyover, and the rest included typical feeder birds.
We also hiked around the eastern portion of Smithville Lake in a foot of snow for 2 hrs.  Very little activity except the hundreds of juncos and dozens of cardinals.  Highlight was one immature bald eagle. 
Jennifer Reidy and Randy Cartwright
Liberty, MO

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