Laura gave me an idea!!   Lurkers and listers......    what is on, or under your thistle seed feeder?
We are in for a long cold spell, and I suspect that with the expected snow, more and more birds will be working the feeders.  It's too dang cold to venture very far,  all the water is frozen tight.  Let's stay close to home....   and entertain each other.


What's Hangin' At  Your Thistle Seed Feeder?

Rules for submissions:

1. Birds have to be seen on, or under, the thistle seed feeder in your yard, eating something.

2. Birds that fly by on the way to the suet, like the Pileated Woodpecker in my back yard, don't count.

3. Birds that hang out on/under your sunflower, etc feeder, but do not venture to the thistle seed feeder don't count, like the MODO in my backyard.

4. List any bird that had visited your thistle seed feeder since it has gotten cold....  you know what I mean.

5.  State if the species is on, or under, the feeder.  If a species is in both places, say so.

6.  You must state the county in Missouri in which your thistle feeder reside.

7.  Humor is appreciated.

I'll start:

American Goldfinch   (on and under feeder)
Purple Finch  (on and under feeder)
Red Bellied Woodpecker  (on feeder)

Dark eyed Junco (under feeder)
Fox Sparrow  (under feeder)
White-throated Sparrow (under feeder)
Song Sparrow (under feeder)
Tree Sparrow (under feeder)
Northern Flicker (under feeder)
White-tailed doe (under feeder)

(Where is that Towhee????)

Glenn Pickett
Columbia, Missouri 
Boone County

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