I am amazed at the birds in this cold.  There is not much snow on the ground here in St. Louis, but there is ice in areas.  I looked at the thermometer and it is 4 degrees F. , then I looked outside. About 7 sparrows ( house and ETS) are in the tree and several mourning doves are on the wire.  One would think they would be hunkered down in all the leaf litter in my yard. I've been hearing the carolina wren through this cold spell. 
   Maybe we would be better off if we had kept our feathers (now don't get caught up in our origins).  
   It makes seeing the birds even more fascinating.  Now, being house bound is another thing.Fortunately we don't have all that snow.   

 Jane Allen 
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 St. Louis County

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Date: Sunday, January 3, 2010, 1:55 AM


I Googled, put in my zip code and went to the 
weather forecast tonight. There, beside the forecast was a picture of a forlorn 
looking Polar Bear stranded on a small ice floe in the midst of a vast sea of 
open water. A dire warning, I suppose, that the entire ice cap is about to melt 
and ice dependant creatures like the Polar Bear and Ringed seal will go extinct 
even as our eastern cities are flooded by rising sea levels.
Meanwhile, it is 7 degrees out and snowing. 
Eight inches of snow has been on the ground around my house for more than a 
week. Kristi Mayo posted a couple of  days ago that Smithville Lake was 99% 
frozen. The forecast is for 2 degrees tonight, highs of 14 and 16 for the next 
four days followed by a high of only 9 on Thursday and a low of -2 Turdsday 
night. The forecast ends with another high of 9 degrees on Friday, followed by 
another low of -2 Friday night and a warm up to only 20 a whole week away, next 
Saturday. It is -33 in International; Falls MN right now, and CNN said it was 
-58 somewhere in the Lower 48 yesterday.
What happened to global warming? When will 
Smithville Lake thaw again? Will all the Carolina Wrens die this winter? 

I know there are some weather savvy folks on 
this list. Others must have seen Wooly Bears with broad central areas of brown 
fur before the cold and the snow drove them all to wherever they go when their 
forecasts don't work out.  If you know something, please give me some reassurance that this two week plus 
snap is only a temporary aberration, and global warming will reassert 
itself and make the rest of the winter more birder friendly.  Or will 
Bob Fisher
Independence, MO
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