Charles and I decided to spend New Year's Day trying to bird every conservation site in Boone Co. We didn't quite make all of them but had a great day looking for birds. Ended up with 36 species, despite the cold temps and occasional snow flurries. Some sites we had to look hard for a bird to count and others were hopping. Most bodies of water were frozen, and arried at Eagle Bluffs too late to see very  much of the area.
 Highlights of the day were the raptors, 4 Bald Eagles, 13 Red Tail Hawks, 2 Red Shouldered Hawks, 4 Northern Harriers, and 2 Kestral.
 Crows seen almost everywhere including one large murder at Dairy Farm Lake #1
 Notably missing from our list were chickadees, downy woodpecker and nuthatch (guess we should have watched our feeders for awhile!)
 Complete reports on CACHE and SPARKS
Laurie Shawver
Southern Boone Co, MO
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