Fellow Birders,

Unfortunately in the times that we now live in people have to be on the edge 
of their seat because “MOST” do not respect others or their property.  I was 
saddened to hear from my mother-in-law that I just visited through the 
holidays, that somebody has stolen the diesel from the storage tank on their 
farm.  Not even 100 yards from the house and now gone.  They are just two 
wonderful people in their mid-seventies trying to enjoy retirement and work 
the land while providing a little food for our country.

If all of those people “alarmed” by our actions as bird watchers would embrace 
our love of nature and use our keen eyes as stewards of the land, who could 
help them safeguard the very areas they fear our presence, they too may 
have time to enjoy the treasures their property holds.  Our society needs to 
slow down and not only smell the roses, but take time to enjoy them as they 
provide some of the backdrops for the very birds we seek and they NEVER 
realized existed.

John Waugaman
Huntington, WV
(Missing all the MO birding action)

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