Pretty birdy today despite in being early afternoon birding.

St. Louis county, Chesterfield Valley:
- Sandhill Crane
- Longspurs, Cooper's Hawk watching the Savannah Sparrows along the road to 
the Golf Course (road name?) & Church.

St. Charles co, Busch CA
- Sharp-shined Hawk - Lakes 1, 2, 15
- R-B NUTHATCH at Lake 6 (Thanks Josh)
- 2 HERMIT THRUSHES - other side of Lake 6 along with a large group of 
White-throated, Fox sparrows, Juncos, Robins, Blue Jays, Bluebirds etc 
gobbling up the honeysuckle berries. Probably a good place to watch for 
other berry eaters.
- one male PURPLE FINCH amongst the many Goldfinches - feeders behind the 

St. Charles co., Seeburger:
- Great-tailed Grackles, RUSTIE Blackbirds and probable BREWER'S BLACKBIRD 
(we are still "discussing")

Somewhere past the Seeberger area in St. Charles
11 Bald Eagles in a field fighting over one bird's prey, some medium-sized 
bird, maybe a Kestrel (?)

Payne Road
- 3 Eurasian Collared Doves

Riverlands MBS,
Forgot to mention and additions from today:
- 2 Bald Eagles on the nest in the back of IL Hwy 143 Slough - can view the 
nest from one of the observation towers in the parking lot of the Melvin 
Price Dam.
- BELTED KINGFISHER - IL143 Slough where all the geese and ducks are

Didn't get any time to look for Snow Buntings in St. Charles co.

Good birding,
Charlene & Jim Malone
St. Louis co.

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