Highlights of the birds seen on the Confluence CBC than we found (Eric 
Schuette, Jim and Charlene Malone)
Riverlands MBS, St. Charles co.
IL birds:
- 1st cycle GLAUCOUS GULL - seen at dam & Alton Barge
- LONG-TAILED DUCK (Thanks Dick Coles for the call!) - Alton Barge Terminal, 
right along the shoreline
- REDHEAD - seen in the hot water ditches of the Hwy 143 slough
- PEREGRINE - one seen on the Clark Bridge, early! AM

MO birds:
- ~ 440 Trumpeters, 22 Tundras
- MERLIN - between Two Pecan and Wise Road, on the fly
- ~ 10 AMERICAN PIPITS - Confluence Road (Thanks Josh for the call!)
- 1000 LAPLAND LONGSPURS (Randy K saw these in the AM)

That's all I can remember.
Still have not thawed out.......time for adult beverage laced hot drink.

Charlene Malone
St.Louis co.

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