See the below post from the IL listserve.
Is this a reason I saw no eagles actually feeding below the dam at Alton? 
Also very few in the trees on Maple Island?
The eagles were more interested in the waterfowl that was hanging around in 
the then thawed out areas
of Ellis Bay than fishing.

Could this also affect the numbers of gulls?
Did notice that with the dam gates closed (churning the water at the dam) 
the numbers of gulls are up a bit but
still nothing like the numbers of past years for this time of year.
Or is it the low water levels in Ellis Bay affecting the gull numbers?

Just posing this to those that might know.

Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.


Subject: IBET Mississippi River Eagles
From: "Steve" <fishn51 AT>
Date: Mon, 04 Jan 2010 20:50:05 -0000

 To fellow IBETers & many good friends I've met birding & photographing, 
been to the river a couple of times this season. Because of a few factors, 
Eagles are coming down from up north, but do not stay in any particular area
for long. At this time last year there were 500 Eagles at L&D 13. A good 
reported seeing 2 there on Sat. The main thing that I have noticed this 
is that there are very few Eagles seen actually catching fish below the 
Past years, there would be up to 100 Eagles in the air and catching fish 
the main two locations of L&D 13 and L&D 18. For some reason unknown to me, 
Shad(the primary forage fish for the Eagles) are not prevelent as in past
years. Thus, the die off that they usually go through after ice over, has 
happened. These Shad often float after dieing & travel through the roller 
of the Mississippi River dams. Thus, giving the Eagles their primary source 
food to be scouped up in the open waters below the dams. If anyone knows of
persons that may have knowledge of the reasoning of this, I'd be more than
anxious to hear from them. Please, give them my e-mail address and have them
contact me.

LaSalle County

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