I received the follwing e-mail from Peg Abbot.  Please contact her if 
you are blessed with TrSw (no, wait, that's Tree Swallow.  Forget 
those darned bird-banding abbreviations.)  I don't bird Riverlands as 
often as many of you.

Jim & Charlene Malone and Eric Schuette counted 451 Trumpeters and 23 
Tundra Swan on the Confluence CBC.  When I started birding, there 
were not 451 Trumpeters in the entire lower 48.

old guy,
Randy Korotev

>Hello Randy,
>I understand that you are a compiler for your regional Christmas Bird
>Counts. I am working on a Citizen Science project to track occurrence of
>wintering Trumpeter Swans in states south of the 40th parallel. I've
>followed some of the Missouri Listserv sightings of Trumpeter Swan records
>with keen interest. I'm hoping that Trumpeters will appear in the upcoming
>Christmas Bird Counts - and also hoping to attract a few dedicated birders
>to our program that can keep us posted throughout the winter.
>Trumpeter Watch is a program of The Trumpeter Swan Society and this link
>describes it in more detail.
>Can you can help us spread the word that we are looking for observers to
>participate in the program?  If any of the CBC circles have had previous
>Trumpeter Swan records, we'd be thrilled to find a competent birder in that
>area that can watch through the winter months and report back to us directly
>if there are sightings. Of course if there are any Trumpeter sightings this
>year this will be important news. The CBC report will give us a good
>geographic picture at this time.
>If you have an opportunity to mention this to your compilers I'd really
>appreciate it. Please feel free to forward this email around. If someone
>comes to mind that might help our program, I'd be happy to follow up on any
>email (or phone) contacts you want to relay.
>Thank you and I hope you have a very successful CBC season!
>Peg Abbott
>The Trumpeter Swan Society
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Randy Korotev

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