Dear Nancy,
In Chicago I asked direction to Goethe Street, and no one knew what I meant until one guy said "Oh, you mean Go ee thee Street!"

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Dear Jerome,
Clearly you're right on the language.  But so many names are anglicized, and I think it interesting that this is not--perhaps that is coincidental, but it seems connected to who lives there.  In Maine, for example, a town named "Calais" is pronouced "callus."  And Maine is full of Franco-Americans.  The spelling, though, is retained.
I lived, by the way, for many years, in Southfield.

>>> Jerome Walsh 01/22/10 12:00 AM >>>
In re: "Grosse Pointe"  I'm not sure the "e" is all that gratuitous, Nancy.  As I'm sure you know, une pointe is a tongue of land entering into the water; point, on the other hand, is a simple emphatic negative.  The Francophone heritage of the city on the narrows (le détroit -- my home town, as a matter of fact) explains why la grosse pointe is so named.

Jerry Walsh

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Dear Rick,
I think we have to agree to disagree on the responsibilities and purposes of senators.  I do think their job is to be New Mexico's representatives, not simply to represent New Mexico's interests. 
As for "elite," I'm from the Midwest, and it has its elite.  Just how does Grosse Pointe (except for the gratuitous "e," like "ye olde") or wealthy suburbs of Chicago differ from Coastal Connecticut for elitism?  I have no doubt the West does also.  I find that phrase both untrue and unfair.  And it's pretty hard to find any elite in Maine except summer people who come and buy land and go away in winter.  And places like Baltimore or New Jersey are not exactly refuges for wealth and influence hidden among the poverty.  I confess, as a resident of the East Coast, I find it--no doubt completely unintentionally--insulting.

>>> Richard Seddon 01/21/10 8:14 PM >>>



The two federal Senators from New Mexico are New Mexico?s Senators not yours.  They are suppose to represent New Mexico interests in the federal government.  They are elected by the people of New Mexico not the people of Maine or Oregon.  They may hold offices in the Senate that expand their responsibilities in a more Federal fashion but the primary reason they are there is as New Mexicans to do New Mexico?s business.  They are responsible to us for their actions.  And sorry to say, we New Mexicans are responsible for the two dolts that we have as Senators.


In my email I specifically tried to exclude the non-elite coastal populations.  The elitism of many of the urban coastal people in the US has been well documented.  Recall the ?fly-over country? remarks during a previous administration. 


Rick Seddon

Portales, NM



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