Well you know it was originally set up something like that.


Originally Senators were elected/appointed by their state legislatures and not directly elected by the people of the state


The original Article I section 3 of the US Constitution read; “The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each state, chosen by the Legislatures thereof, for six years and each Senator shall have one vote.”


This was modified by the 17th amendment to provide for direct election by the people of the state.   The 17th amendment was ratified in 1913.


Rick Seddon

Portales, NM


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There is a somewhat equitable distribtion of seats among the provinces

in the Canadian Senate. When seats come available (ie by death or resignation)

their new holders are appointed by the current government sitting in the

lower house or House of Commons.


Aren't you so envious! ;->



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The two federal Senators from New Mexico are New Mexico’s Senators not yours.  They are suppose to represent New Mexico interests in the federal government.  They are elected by the people of New Mexico not the people of Maine or Oregon.  They may hold offices in the Senate that expand their responsibilities in a more Federal fashion but the primary reason they are there is as New Mexicans to do New Mexico’s business.  They are responsible to us for their actions.  And sorry to say, we New Mexicans are responsible for the two dolts that we have as Senators.


In my email I specifically tried to exclude the non-elite coastal populations.  The elitism of many of the urban coastal people in the US has been well documented.  Recall the “fly-over country” remarks during a previous administration. 


Rick Seddon

Portales, NM