I still didn't finish.  I'm on the laptop.
Only women can have children.
X had a child; therefore, X is a woman.
Massachusetts is the most liberal State in the Country.
There was an election in Massachusetts.
The liberal candidate won.

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> Richard Seddon wrote:

> It originated with Math, for sure, but is used in contexts far outside
> of Math.

Well, it's necessary, is it not, to proceed from a given hypothesis in
(say) physics to implicatons of tha hypothesis, which can be tested,
thereby reinforcing the original hypothesis. I don't believe the most
famous equation of the 20th-c, e=mc*2 was part of relativity theory but
a logical deduction fromit.

For that matter, the original Aristotelian logic has been by no means
thrown out but (merely) shown to be a special case of a more general
logic. It is by means of Aristotelian logic that, for example, one can
distinguish ad hominem arguments (a logical fallacy) from personal
attacks (usually obnoxious but not an argument and not a fallacy.

A believes X
A is an asshole
Therefore X is false.

(a logical fallacy(it has a label which I forget): this is what is meant
in logic and rhetoric by an ad hominem argument)

X is vile belief

A believes X

A is an asshole.

Possibly false, possibly true, but not a logical fallacy.

> In fact predicate logic with its ability to process variables might be
> of real interest to you.
> Rick Seddon
> Portales, NM