Dear Carrol,

Well, you have articulated what I was grasping at. But as my example shows, inconsistent argument can also fail to grasp anything at all.

>>> Carrol Cox 01/18/10 1:04 PM >>> 
> Nancy Gish wrote: 
> Logic does not always lead to truth (if there is "truth" rather than 
> Stevens's "truths"), but I don't see much evidence that illogic leads 
> to anything except maybe Sarah Palin's conviction that she has foreign 
> policy experience because you can see Russia from 

I can't remember the exact wording & my paraphrase lacks punch, but 
Keynes, referring to some argument by Hayek, remarks that it shows how 
one can start with a small error and by remoresless logic end up in 

And Russell points out someplace that while an inconsistent argument can 
still grasp some truth, a rigorously consisten philosophy is apt to be 
totally wrong.