Nancy Gish wrote:
> For all--
> The new book edited by Elizabeth Däumer and Shyamal Bagchee is a
> fascinating look at the influence of Eliot all over the world. 

The International Reception of T. S. Eliot
edited by Elisabeth Däumer
edited by Shyamal Bagchee

A collection of essays focussing on the international
reception and subsequent influence of T.S. Eliot.

     * Imprint: Continuum
     * Series: Continuum Reception Studies
     * Pub. date: 28 Aug 2007 (London)
     * ISBN: 9780826490148

320 Pages, hardcover $180.00

The publisher's webpage on the book contains a description,
the table of contents, a bit about the editors and some
short reviews.

At Amazon:

> One key
> issue, of course, is the impact of translation, but the effect on
> different cultures is, I think, essential reading.

One of the articles included in the book,
"(Re)modernizing Eliot: Eva Hesse and Das Wüste Land"
by Elisabeth Däumer, I've previously posted about to the TSE group.
A copy of this article is on Eva Hesse's website. The essay is at:
One of the things I liked about this was its discussion on translation.

    Rick Parker