Don't judge Derrida's ideas based on my description of them. Go to the  
source before you dismiss them.

Language, as Jameson said, restricts new ways of speaking and  
therefore thinking, by its structure. I fall into dualistic speech  
automatically like everyone else except when I can take time to  
examine and revise.


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On Jan 21, 2010, at 4:02 PM, Ken Armstrong <[log in to unmask]>  

> Diana Manister wrote:
>> Dear Ken,
>> Choosing one thing and not another is not dualistic.
>   I agree.
>> A lot can be gained by considering choice in terms of different  
>> options and not oppositions.
> Where choice can be considered in terms of different options and not  
> oppositions, it should be! Amen Brothers and Sisters! But choice  
> cannot be considered that way in every instance. At times, it must  
> be considered in terms of oppositions.
>> You seem to interpret every statement concerning alternatives or  
>> choices as binary;
>  No, I've said repeatedly, some choices are against, some are not.
>> that's what you're hearing, not what I'm saying.
>  Right, not what you're saying, but it is what you're doing. I've  
> pointed out to you where the choice you've made eliminates other  
> possibilities. That's not my hearing at fault.
> So that makes my third last post on this topic. Take it away, Diana!
> Ken