Diane said, " Logic is an Enlightenment holdover, it seems to me. The danger
there is that reason is overrated -- logic can be used to justify evil".


Of what logic do you speak?  There are many logics each with its own space.
Many operate outside of morality.  If you want morality within your logic
spaces merely specify it as a rule for your logic spaces.


No logic system is infallible.  Each can produce paradoxes which require
evaluation.  Commonsense is a popular logic system  that operates fairly
well within what you have labeled the Newtonian world.  It fails absolutely
in the micro world.   Quantum mechanics supplies two separate logic systems
for the micro world, one based in calculus and the other based in linear
algebra.  Neither have the slightest flavor of morality.


Rick Seddon

Portales, NM