Diana Manister wrote:
> Dear Ken,
> Either/or, like all binaries, depend on totalizing each element. 

Yoou are hanging by your fingertips to a conveyer belt, dangling over an
abyss. Either you hang on or you die.

Actuality continually presents us with naked alternatives. Either

you look down here to see what follows or you don't read this line.

Either you repond to this post or you don't respond to this post.

Your leg is gangrenous: either you have it amputateed or you die.

You come to a fork in a road. Either you continue or you go back. If you
continue you take either the elft or the right fork.

Only in discourse are there always multiple versions. Which is why naive
conceptions of the role of discourse fail even to understand discoruse.

The Eleventh Theis is not an ethical injunction that we _should) change
the world. It is an epistemological claim, that we can interpret the
world only within the effort to change it.