You're welcome (much more recent than I can really believe):

welcome, n.1, int., and a.

B. In predicative use, passing into adj.
3. d. you are (or you're) welcome: a polite formula used in response to an expression of thanks.
[1907 W. W. JACOBS Short Cruises ii. 34 ‘Thank you,’ said the girl, with a pleasant smile. ‘You're quite welcome,’ said the skipper.] 1960 Times 14 Sept. 12/7 The coloured lift attendant in South Carolina who had that attractive way of saying, almost singing, ‘You're welcome’ whenever we thanked her. 1977 P. DICKINSON Walking Dead I. iv. 55 ‘Thanks,’ said Foxe..‘You're welcome,’ said Dreiser. 1980 A. E. FISHER Midnight Men viii. 93 He dialled Directory Enquiries and asked the girl if she had a number. She gave him one and told him he was welcome.

[ ] indicates a quotation is relevant to the development of a sense but not directly illustrative of it -- though it seems illustrative to me


Diana Manister wrote:
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Your point is well taken; I do mistake an OED listing as an imprimatur rather than a record of usage.

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As for the general, not the specific, point:

The OED is not in the business to approve or disapprove.  It records usage.  On occasion it will indicate how usages are seen, as vulg. or joc. or this, s.v. variorum:
 d. Used, chiefly attrib., to denote an edition, usu. of an author's complete works, containing variant readings from manuscripts or earlier editions.
  This use is deplored by some scholars.
While the record of use is indispensable, correctness for any particular period or occasion is not determined by what has been done before or elsewhere.  Correctness includes language being, in part, a social convention.


Diana Manister wrote:
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Do you mean "they" and "their" for he/she and hers/his? I do use this but felt it was fudging. I'll be glad to know it's OK with OED!

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