Call for Submissions for a Special Issue of Seminar: A Journal of
Germanic Studies

"Embracing the Other: Conceptualizations, Representations, and Social
Practices of [In]Tolerance in German Culture and Literature" 

Guest Editors:

Florentine Strzelczyk, University of Calgary, Canada
Elisabeth Herrmann, University of Alberta, Canada

We are inviting submissions for a special theme issue of Seminar: A
Journal of Germanic Studies that will explore the concepts and practices
of tolerance in German culture and cultural history. 

Since the era of Enlightenment, concepts and practices of tolerance have
been linked to ideals of justice, equality, and political acceptance.
But as the German philosopher Rainer Forst has recently argued, the
history and definitions of tolerance have also been inextricably beset
by conflict. Is tolerance one of the essential pillars of the liberal
state, a principle for the peaceful coexistence of differing beliefs,
norms, practices, and identities? Or, as critics have argued, is it no
more than a haughty and tenuous concession from those in power toward
those regarded as different? As Goethe wrote in 1829: "Tolerance should
be a temporary attitude only: it must lead to recognition. To tolerate
means to insult." These fundamental disagreements persist within the
recent renaissance in "tolerance talk" that has been noted by the
American political philosopher Wendy Brown. German culture and cultural
history -  from debates about tolerance in the eighteenth century to
Germany's descent into destructive intolerance during the Third Reich -
provide a context that is both especially grim and productive for
exploring the conflicts, impossibilities, and potential of tolerance.

Multi- and inter-disciplinary perspectives are particularly encouraged.
Contributions may address, but are not limited to one or more of the
following topics:

- Theoretical Approaches to the Discourse of Tolerance

- Philosophical, Religious, Social and Political Concepts of Tolerance

- Freedom of Conscience and Religious Practice

- Representations of Tolerance in Specific Cultural Periods and Eras
(such as the Enlightenment, Nineteenth 
  Century, Holocaust and WWII, German Unification)

- Sexual Expression and Orientation, Gender Identity and
Intergenerational Relationships

- Identity, Alterity and Otherness and their Relation to Tolerance

- Globalization, Migration, Inter- and Transculturality


Manuscripts (max. 6000 words including Work Cited) may be submitted in
German or English. They must conform to Seminar guidelines, which can be
accessed at:

All articles will be anonymously peer-reviewed. 

The special issue will appear in 2011.

Submission due date:  March 1, 2010.

Submissions and Inquiries to:

Florentine Strzelczyk                                      
Associate Professor of German                              
University of Calgary                                      
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Elisabeth Herrmann
DAAD Associate Professor of German 
University of Alberta
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