"The Great War and the Modern World"
Date: 26 May 2010 - 27 May 2010

The Moscow International Conference “The Great War and the Modern World” aims to commemorate great and tragic events that radically changed the modern history – the Great War of 1914 – 1918 and the creation of the Versailles – Washington world order.

Academic scholars and independent researchers are expected to scrutinize various political, socio-economic, cultural and demographic aspects of the global catastrophe, in-cluding its origins, general course, key phases and consequences. The problem of the Rus-sian participation in the First World War will be especially focused on. In accordance to the profile of the IIUEP certain attention will be granted to political and ecological problems of the Great War in the context of the human civilization.

The Organizing Committee will review results of the Internet competition which is held for students and precedes the beginning of the Conference sessions. The authors of the most interesting works on the history of the Great War will be awarded with valuable prizes. Besides, they will be given the floor to present their papers to professional histori-ans.

The Organizing Committee will also arrange a collection of rare authentic docu-ments from the funds of the Russian State Archive of Military History to be displayed for the speakers and other participants. The Russian State Historical Museum will exhibit arti-facts relating to the period of the First World War.

We expect representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church and other religious con-fessions to take part in the Conference meetings.

Three plenary and twelve panel sessions stand on the agenda of the Conference. Regular coffee-breaks, lunches and a banquet will be held for all speakers and guests of the Conference. Excursions to the Russian State Historical Museum and the Museum of Mod-ern History will also be arranged for participants.

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15 April 2010

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