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Conference Panel/s for the 12th conference of ISSEI (International Society for the Study of European Ideas) in Ankara, Turkey, 2 – 6 August, 2010

“Mind the Gap: Hybridity and Remediation in Literature and the Arts”

						The new sense of time of the typographic man
						is cinematic, sequential and pictorial.
						(Marshall McLuhan, The Gutenberg Galaxy, 1962)

Spatium, espace, Raum: The concept of space, this old crux metaphysicorum, has reasserted itself in recent cultural theory.  Today, structuralism, semiotics, grammatology, theory and even grand theory have run their course; what remains is a broad understanding of postcolonial cultural studies/history. These different perspectives on the current age necessarily engender divergent characterizations. Some speak of the end of the nation state, some of a new era of global culture, social interconnectedness and transculturality. Other theorists write about entirely new kinds of spaces and spatiality.  The aim of this session(s) and the subsequent publication is 1) to compare previous spatial theories to the recent manifestations of spatiality, 2) to explore the impact of new-found aesthetic and medial spaces on contemporary cultural studies (with special emphasis on historical self-reflexivity).

Papers/articles might include work in the following areas:

•	Spatial ideologies (Henri Lefebvre, Martin Albrow
•	Geopolitik & geographic spaces (Friedrich Ratzel, Carl Schmitt, etc.), géohistoire (Ferdinand Braudel, etc.)
•	The assault on linearity (Filippo Tommaso Marinetti,
•	The logic of linearity, media theory, symbolic mediations (Friedrich Kittler, Norbert Bolz,
•	Social spaces (Michel de Certeau, Pierre Bourdieu, etc.)
•	Genre theory and literary world systems (Wai Chi Dimock,
•	Traumatic spaces (Dominick LaCapra,
•	Hyperspace (Jay David Bolter,
•	Media genealogies (from Manuel Castells onward) 
•	Media, gender and identity (Judith Butler, Anthony Giddens)
•	Paul Virilio and dromology

This  panel is co-sponsored by the European Network for the Study of Globalization.

Please submit abstracts for paper proposals (250 words) to: Hans-Peter Söder 
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Deadline for proposals: Sunday, February 28, 2010

Prof. Hans-Peter Söder, Ph.D.
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