CFP: Special Topic for The Brecht Yearbook / Das Brecht Jahrbuch 35 (2010): Brecht, Marxism, and Ethics

How do Brecht's satires and parodies of bourgeois morality link to ethical questions of otherness, violence, and justice? How does Brechtís work elaborate
on the tensions between Marxist and postmodernist ethics?

Possible topics include: Brechtís Deconstruction of Bourgeois Moral Codes; Brechtís Concepts of Learning; Gendering, De-gendering, and Transgendering in
Brecht, Brecht as a Critic of Judgment; Brecht on Power and Violence; Brecht on Freedom; Political and Ideological Diversity in Brecht; Brechtís Destruction of
Bourgeois Subjectivity and Identity; Brecht on Sex and Business Codes etc.

Publication Date: December 2010

Submission deadline: May 31, 2010 (final corrected submissions by July 31, 2010)

Submission Guidelines:

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spelling conventions. All submissions should include Arabic-numbered footnotes.      

All submissions should have double line spacing. Type-size should be 12-point. There should be no empty line between paragraphs, and the first line of every 
paragraph should be indented. Submissions should not be longer than twenty-five pages, including footnotes, or shorter than ten pages, including footnotes. 

All articles submitted should be accompanied by brief abstracts (160 words maximum) in both English and German, including a title in the language that the 
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