Forthcoming Special Issue
Contemporary Poetry from Europe and the Americas


This Special Issue will introduce readers to poets writing on both sides of the Atlantic during the last twenty five years. All of the poets considered should have either changed the definition of poetry as a genre, moved beyond the conveying of information to produce new poetic effects, or revised their readers’ understanding of language. Articles written in English on individual poets, or on groupings of not more than three, are sought. Rather than give an overview of trends within national literatures, the issue will, in addition to the points suggested above, examine the ways in which poetry from the continents of Europe and the Americas demonstrates its relevance today.

The issue will include eight or nine articles each devoted to poetry that has been published in one of the following countries or regions: Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Britain, North America, South America. Additional articles will be considered on poetry from the French- or Spanish-speaking Caribbean, or from Central America.

The possibility exists for Forum to enable its contributors to publish supplementary data, including video clips, photographs, or sound recordings on the journal’s web-site. Authors may, therefore, wish to consider including relevant images or recordings with their articles. Advice about copyright is available on request.

Prospective contributors are invited to send a 300-word outline by email to the Special Issue editor, Steven Winspur, [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>, by 15 May 2010.

Articles chosen for further consideration must be submitted in draft by 15 November 2010, and the definitive version by 15 March 2011. Texts should be no longer than 5,000–6,000 words, including endnotes. They must conform to the FMLS stylesheet which is available upon request. Enquiries are most welcome and should be sent by email to the Special Issue editor.

Articles which do not find a place in the Special Issue will be considered for inclusion in general issues of FMLS, which appear twice annually.

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