Call for Papers
Conference Panel/s for German Studies Association (GSA) 2010
Oakland, CA (October 7-10, 2010)

“Being Against Goethe”

The proposed panel (or set of panels) is looking for papers that address the question of what it means to be against Goethe. From the moment of his Europe-wide success with Werther, Goethe has not only been lavished with praise but also has encountered equally vocal (if less numerous) criticism and opposition, particularly among his fellow writers. From the contemporaneous Werther parodies to Bernhard’s Auslöschung, being a German writer has often also meant being against Goethe—in the dual sense of criticizing Goethe and living counter to him and his writing.

We are ideally looking to put together two panels on this question: one panel centered around Goethe’s contemporaries (e.g., Lenz, Herder, Schiller, Kleist, Jean Paul, Kotzebue, the Schlegel Brothers, as well as the immediate aftermath in Heine, Börne, Menzel, and the rest of the Vormärz) and a second panel on twentieth century forms of being against Goethe (e.g., George, Kafka, Walser, Benjamin, Brecht, Celan, Bernhard, and Schmidt). Original and innovative approaches to the question of what it means to be against Goethe are encouraged.

Please submit abstracts for paper proposals (250 words) to:
Paul Fleming ([log in to unmask]) and Helmut Müller-Sievers ([log in to unmask])

Deadline for proposals: Sunday, January 31, 2010

We will notify you of decisions by Monday, February 8, 2010.
If selected, please be ready to submit a short biography, contact information, and technology needs by Friday, February 12, 2010. 
(The GSA deadline for proposals is February 15, 2010.) 

All presenters must be current GSA members.

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