Call for Papers
German Studies Association Annual Meeting
Oakland, October 7-10, 2010

Robert Walser has come a long way from being, as he once joked, “the ninth-best writer in the Helvetic Federation.” The past few years alone have seen the incorporation of his manuscripts into the Swiss National Archive, the opening of a Walser Center in Bern, and the launching of a multi-volume critical edition which aims to reproduce every page of his writing in facsimile. In the meantime, significant authors from the world over continue to draw on his work (and his life) in their own fiction. Though he never kept a library, Walser was an omnivorous and compulsive reader of everything from Goethe to Trivialliteratur. With this in mind, we invite proposals in some way oriented around (but by no means limited to) the activity of reading. Possible topics include

•       Robert Walser as a reader (of Schiller, Jean Paul, Kleist, Stendhal, penny dreadfuls etc.)
•       His reception by contemporary authors (Bichsel, Jaeggy, Vila-Matas)
•       Affinities or links between Walser and other writers (or artists)
•       His work in translation (Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese)
•       Books that have recently appeared in English (The Tanners, The Microscripts)
•       Issues pertaining to the Kritische-Robert-Walser-Ausgabe
•       Particular phases of his creativity (Zurich, Berlin, Biel, Bern)

Please submit an abstract of approximately 250 words by January 29 to Jessie Ferguson <[log in to unmask]> and Daniel Medin <[log in to unmask]>.

We will notify you of our decisions by Monday, February 8. If selected, please submit a written confirmation, short biography, full contact information, and technology needs by Thursday, February 11. All presenters must be current GSA members.

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