How is this helpful?† I'm assuming you sent this to ridicule people who had an honest concern about practices they thought may be injurious to wildlife.† Yes, as you types like to say, you are a part of nature.† You are the thinking part.† Keep doing whatever you wish without thinking and see where nature ends up.

On Tue, Dec 29, 2009 at 3:22 PM, Keith Brink <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
My New Years Resolutions:
1. I resolve not to band baby birds, just incase they go back to mommy and daddy to report the abuse and then come after me to peck my eyes out.
2. I resolve not to feed the birds, because what does that get us but a lazy, discontented rabble instead of a thrifty working class.
3. I resolve not to use recordings to call owls, so they donít strain their throats responding to my voyeuristic needs to hear and count them, especially on CBCs.
4. I resolve not to walk in the woods, to prevent stepping on worms or insects that birds might feed upon.
5. I resolve not to drive to see any birds, to prevent smashing insects on my windshield which could be the bug that a dying bird needs to feed upon.
6. I resolve not to drive anywhere so that my carbon footprint doesnít add to climate change and harm a tree that some bird needs for a nest site.
7. I resolve not pluck body plumage feathers for researchers doing DNA analysis on Shrikes to determine if we need to split apart or lump together species.
8. I resolve not to stare to long at eagles with my binoculars, because it might give them an inferiority complex because my eyes appear bigger.
9. I resolve not to use the ABA four letter codes without first using the common name, in order to not offend someone on the listserve.
10. Finally I resolve to lock myself into a hermetically sealed chamber powered by solar power that filters my body waste and carbon dioxide exhalation, so that I donít make any impact on the world whatsoever. God forbid, Iím also a part of Nature.

Thanks from No Impact Man,
Keith Brink
Liberty, MO
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P.S. For those without sin go ahead and cast the first seed.
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