Charlene & Mobirders:
There was a lot of ice and mudflats and not much open water.  Teal Pond had a few ducks, swans and gulls when we arrived between 9 and 10 (we had stopped at Howell to see the Sandhill Crane for those who had not yet seen it, very close), Heron Pond mostly ice-covered; did not see any birds, Ellis Bay had maybe 50 swans still hanging around, others were flying off in family groups of 4 or 5.  Small numbers of gulls sitting on ice, but mostly Ring-billed, nothing stood out.  There were a few Green-winged Teal, lots of Mallards, many Canada Geese, a couple or pair of Black Ducks in the middle of the swans across from filling station.  There were at least two N Harriers and Am Kestrels patrolling the grassy areas.  Four or more Bald Eagles were in the trees or sitting on the ice.  On the Confluence Road we saw and heard a few Horned Larks, a possible flyover of unidentified lark/longspur types; and we refound the flock of a dozen or so American
 Pipits that were walking around on the ice of the Confluence heron pond past the Jones Confluence sign.  There were a few Meadowlarks on the right after we turned off Riverlands Way onto the Confluence Road.
We had made it a short day to try to pick up some year birds, and did not go on Weis/Wise or Cora Island Road or upriver.  One car left RMBS about 130pm.
Good birding in the New Year!
Jackie Chain
St Louis County
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Subject: RFI RMBS habitat conditons - please post
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Date: Thursday, December 31, 2009, 1:23 PM

If anyone goes to RMBS today for the last of the year fling, please post about water levels (mudflats present, % of water frozen, etc)
of Ellis Bay, Heron Pond, Teal Pond, Linc. Shields.

Or anything else pertinent (bird sightings) that would help CBCers tomorrow
Are there ANY gulls at the Dam? Are the gates open or closed (water churning under closed gates with gulls present)?
IF the gulls are not at the dam where did you find them elsewhere, i.e. found farther up Hwy 100 on the IL side in front of the Sioux Power Plant, etc?

Thanks for any help.

Charlene Malone
ST. Louis co. 
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