Hello all,
I will write a summary of the Clarence Cannon NWR CBC that was held today (12/30) very soon, but wanted to let everyone know about the best bird of the count, just in case someone was interested. The bird was found by Austin Walker and myself on the Illinois side of the river, so technically an Illinois bird. The bird was found at the Batchtown unit of Two Rivers NWR and was extremely cooperative for 15 minutes or so. I got some very poor pics and one poor video (for documentation purposes) and even without those the bird was clearly a northern. If anyone is interested in chasing it please let me know and I will give you more specific directions.
Has there ever been one seen on a Missouri CBC (whether or not in Missouri)? Also, I realize that most of the interesting birds I've found in the last couple of years have been in hard to get, out of the way places, I do apologize.
Eric Schuette
Denver CO/Troy MO
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