Chris, I think the solution you're looking for is

Missouri "hot spots" listed on the site include many (all?) of our  
conservation areas, state parks.... and "non-CACHE/SPARKS sites" such  
as Tower Grove Park, Squaw Creek NWR... even Keetman Road Sod Farm and  
the Dexter Rice Fields. The system allows you to enter data from any  
location, including your own back yard.

Running a quick report using the eBird "View & Explore Data" tool  
shows me that a total of 90 species have been reported at Tower Grove  
during 2009.

I'm sure this has been covered on the listserv before, but all of the  
CACHE and SPARKS data is loaded into the ebird database. Patrick &  
Edge, I can't rememberódoes eBird reciprocate (i.e. if I were to enter  
data for a MDC Conservation Area on eBird, does that data find its way  
into CACHE)?

Kristi Mayo
Kearney MO (Clay Co.)
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On Dec 29, 2009, at 7:04 PM, Patrick Harrison (Home) wrote:

> Chris and mobirds-l:
> CACHE (Conservation Area Checklist Project) and SPARKS (State Parks
> Checklist Project) include areas specific to each.
> CACHE is a partnership with the Missouri Department of Conservation  
> (MDC)
> and SPARKS is a partnership with the Department of Natural Resources  
> (DNR).
> Some city parks are managed by MDC and would be included in the CACHE
> locations. Other parks are part of neither CACHE nor SPARKS. Tower  
> Grove
> Park (TGP) is one example. That park is managed by an entity other  
> than MDC
> / DNR.
> I applaud your desire to post your findings so that others might  
> benefit
> from a database of historical information, however I am unaware of  
> any such
> process for TGP. At one time, Sherry McCowan managed a database for  
> birding
> info that MIGHT have included TGP. I am not sure nor do I know if  
> that is
> still active.
> Chris, keep birding and posting your finds on ASM's listserve  
> (mobirds-l).
> If you bird an area that is a State Park or Conservation Area in  
> Missouri, I
> hope you find the time to enter that data into the SPARKS / CACHE  
> database!
> Have a great BIRDING New Year.
> Patrick
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> Subject: Re: Smith's Longspur locations, etc.
> It seems that Cache/Sparks are for Conservation areas, State Parks,  
> and
> Historic Area sites.  I couldn't find Tower Grove Park or Forest Park
> anywhere in Cache or Sparks - obviously, they are not in any the three
> categories that data is collected on. (I found Carondelet Park under
> Conservation areas...hmmm.)  I'd like to enter trip reports, many of  
> which
> are Tower Grove Park.  How do I do this - not only for TGP, but any  
> area I
> bird that is not listed?  Do we need a new category to add these  
> areas?  I
> apologize if this has already been discussed and answered somewhere  
> - and I
> missed it.
> Chris McClarren
> St. Louis South City
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> ---- Edge <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Mobirders,
>> Below is my response to Jessie's queries about where to find a
>> particular species and where to bird in a particular county.  These
>> responses may be of use to any Missouri or visiting birder.
>> To learn where to find any particular species, on the Audubon Society
>> of Missouri (ASM) webpage:,  in the CACHE drop down
>> menu, go to View Entered Data, then click on  Species Search in the
>> slide out menu.   scroll to Smith's Longspur, cllick on submit, and
>> all trips where Smith's Longspur have been reported will appear.
>> Click on any report of interest to you and the actual trip report  
>> will
>> appear.
>> As for Smith's Longspur, Bradford Farm, Pawnee Prairie and Columbia
>> Bottoms are a long way from Greene Co.  The report for Wah-kon-tah
>> Prairie may be of use to you.  It shows Susan Hazelwood as the data
>> source for a trip by St. Louis Audubon with 16 people on it.  Perhaps
>> Susan or others on that trip can give you specific information as to
>> where on the prairie the birds were found.
>> As to birding locations in Greene Co., go to Missouri Department of
>> Conservation (MDC) webpage: under Quick Links click
>> on Conservation Areas.  When the page loads, scroll to Greene Co.
>> All sites have descriptions, directions to them and maps of the area.
>> Another source:  A Guide to Birding In Missouri (see the ASM website
>> for source info.)
>> Good birding,
>> Edge Wade
>> Columbia, MO
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