Dear everybody,

I have been asked, by the list-owners, to refrain "from any further slamming of Mr. Pierce on the MOBirds listserv" and to "drop this topic and things related to it in future posts."  They have informed me "the damage and the learning are done."

I agree with them.  I am more than willing to respect the wishes of the list-owners.  I am also willing to apologize for slamming Mr. Pierce.  I felt culpable and perhaps took it out on him.  In the research I have done, I can see that it is still up for debate whether to call what he does "illegal."  I don't think I should have been so reactive towards him - and used the word "illegal."  I guess I have been in a state of whirlwind shock from the whole thing.

I just wanted to offer up one last resource I discovered in researching the Migratory Bird Treaty Laws that perhaps will help those who feel I have "slammed" Mr. Pierce to understand and forgive me.

Thanks to you all,
Chris McClarren
St. Louis South City
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