Mom and I went out yesterday at South Farm we had 1 Bald Eagle, a flock of Meadowlarks in a tree, and a very fluffy American Kestrel.
We were unsure what the kestrel was until it turned it's head and we saw it's side profile.
Bass road had a lot of birds along it but saw no Rusty Blackbirds.
We found the Lapland Longspurs (Life Bird) on the road south of Bradford Farms. Somebody had spilled or left some seed on the side of the road
they were feeding on it along with some Horned Larks. As we were leaving we saw a male Northern Harrier.
This morning I went to little Dixie full list on Cache.
600 Canada Goose
100 Cackling Goose
1 Bufflehead
Eric Wood
Columbia Mo.
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