On 26 December, my parents and I braved the cold, snow flurries, and wind and spent several hours at Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary in St. Charles Co.  Numbers of swan and goldeneye were particularly impressive for me.  Seeing the Glaucous Gull was also a treat, and I'll have to study my pics but I may also have had an immature Lesser Black-backed Gull.

Canada Goose 101
Trumpeter Swan 295 - By far the highest count I have personally had there since I started visting back 1997 when I returned home for Christmas.
Gadwall 4
Mallard 242
Northern Pintail 1
Bufflehead 8
Common Goldeneye 217
Hooded Merganser 10
Common Merganser 87
Red-breasted Merganser 9 (likely a drastic under count)
Ruddy Duck 3
American White Pelican 1
Great Blue Heron 4
Bald Eagle 23
Northern Harrier 2
Red-tailed Hawk 1
American Kestrel 1
Killdeer 2
Bonaparte's Gull 3
Ring-billed Gull 131
Herring Gull 8
Glaucous Gull 1
Rock Pigeon 24
Mourning Dove 52
American Crow 62 (big flock off in the distance)
Horned Lark 20
European Starling 23
American Tree Sparrow 1

On 28 December, my mom and I spent just under 2.5 hrs at the Katy Trail State Park - Weldon Springs Access.  We primarily walked the trail about a mile to the west (to the bridge over the creek) and then back, but also did a quick drive down to the boat ramp.  We had the birds listed below with my personal highlight being the Rusty Blackbird.  Estimates for the blackbirds, other than the single Rusty, are rough. 

Turkey Vulture 9
Bald Eagle 1
Red-tailed Hawk
Red-tailed Hawk (Harlan's) 1
Mourning Dove 1
Red-bellied Woodpecker 6
Downy Woodpecker 5
Northern Flicker 5
Pileated Woodpecker 3
Blue Jay 10
American Crow 45
Horned Lark 32
Black-capped Chickadee 6 (I assume Black-capped, but did not pay close attention)
Tufted Titmouse 5
White-breasted Nuthatch 4
Carolina Wren 8
Eastern Bluebird 57
American Robin 2
European Starling 10
Cedar Waxwing 7
Yellow-rumped Warbler 13
American Tree Sparrow 6
Fox Sparrow 1
Song Sparrow 7
White-throated Sparrow 7
Dark-eyed Junco 20
Northern Cardinal 30
Red-winged Blackbird 2000
Rusty Blackbird 1
Common Grackle 1000
American Goldfinch 2

I concluded the day with an unexpected surprise, a male Red-breasted Merganser on Lake Saint Albans (Saint Albans, Franklin Co.), which tarried there only briefly before flying off.

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