We started at Creve Coeur Lake.  There was no sign of the Long-tailed Duck, but we had two Cackling Geese among the Canadas and a Black Duck.  There were also two Common Loons and a flock of Horned Grebes among the ducks.  A drive through Saint Charles did not produce much.  At Riverlands we had much the same birds as others have reported.  There are a great many ducks, but we could not see anything unusual.  They are still hunting at Lincoln Shields, but I was not impressed.  A flock of ducks tried land among one group of decoys.  You could see the shot hitting the water, but none of it seemed to hit the ducks.  This startled a female Bufflehead that had been sitting hear the blind.  They fired several shots at it and missed again.
David Becher
Saint Louis
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