Beautiful photos! I'd love to include some in The Bluebird in the future if you grant permission.
With regard to the sparrows:
#14 (roll of barbed wire) is a Harris's Sparrow. It is one of the individuals that lacks the dark and extensive bib. Note the large size, largish pink bill, overall brown face, and splotches on the upper breast. If this was taken in the St. Louis area, it is worthy of comment, because the species is decidedly rarer in eastern Missouri (almost unheard of in my area in most years).
#15 (looking over its shoulder) appears to be a Song Sparrow. Note the broad malar stripe that broadens even more at the base (almost triangular in shape).
#18 is a Eurasian Tree Sparrow. Note the rufous (rusty brown) cap and nape, and white cheek with black spot in the middle.
#21 (perched on a thistle) appears to be another Savannah Sparrow. I'm basing this on the somewhat narrow malar stripe, yellowish lores, and restriction of streaking largely to the flanks and upper breast. The streaking also appears thinner than it would likely be on a Song Sparrow. 
#25 (in a road) is a Savannah Sparrow. Note the lack of a malar stripe that broadens at the base, and no central breast dot (both traits of Song Sparrow). It also has a hint of yellow in the lores.
One thing to keep in mind about sparrows is to also use habitat as a key to likely identifications. I am assuming the Savannah Sparrows were adjacent to very open habitat, such as a roadside, or plowed or closely mowed field.
----Bill Eddleman, Cape Girardeau

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Subject: Pics from the last week

Thought I would share a few more photos from the last week or so. 
Need help with the sparrows in the gallery, there are 5 in total, one on a barbed wire roll, one on a road, one looking over his shoulder one on a stem and one on a branch.  Any help in IDing would be great.  Im not very good with sparrows
Enjoy and let me know any thoughts, good or bad!
Clark Creighton
Wildwood MO

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