Yesterday, with very cold temps, I walked out to leave for work. I heard a buzzy sound and began searching the big tree in the neighbor's yard.  I looked and looked, then lifted my head to a small branch just one foot above my head. There sat the local carolina wren doing it's buzzy routine.  We both were motionless for a few moments.  Then being the "big chicken", I continued on to my car, getting out of the cold wind. 
    Earlier that morning, in the back yard, a cardinal was sipping from the warmed birdbath, the blue jay was squawking, a few mourning doves were turning the leaves over, a white-throated sparrow also looking for goodies.  I had not seen a junco lately, but one flew in for a bit. This was all in about a 5 minute watch. 
  Jane Allen
  St. Louis Co.
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