Today I found 12 Cackling Geese at Stephens Lake in Columbia along with 36 Canadas.  
There are usually NO ducks on this lake, but maybe because of the cold and lack of walkers, today there were 3 species of ducks at Stephens: N Shoveler, Gadwall and Canvasback. 

Then I went to Phillips Lake.  There were quite a few geese here and quite a few looked like the Cackling Geese with stub beak and short neck.  I didn't see any ducks here, but didn't get out and scope.  Brrrr!

Stopped at R-1 Lake, no ducks there, all iced over with 3 crows on the ice. 

The very small South Farm Lake on the way back into town had many Canada Geese, more than all the other lakes combined.   I didn't scope or spend much time here, because it was time for lunch, but most likely there are some Cackling Geese mixed in here also. 

While driving home, I saw white birds overhead.  They turned into Ring-billed gulls, maybe a dozen.  How strange, I wasn't close to a lake or river or anything that a Gull would be attracted to. 

Kathleen Anderson, Columbia

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