At Riverlands MBS today, around 1145, I got the Glaucous Gull, after about 1 hour of waiting/searching, it flew in from the south and landed across from the gas station where everyone has been seeing it- thanks everyone for the updates and directions!
The biggest surprise though was a lone Dunlin that flew in around 1100-1130 (didn't record exact time, sorry) on the mudflats next to Ellis Island. It came in from the south, landed, walked around on the flats for about 10 seconds, then flew over the highway towards the Lincoln Shields Rec Area. We drove over there after it but could not relocate.......
Also lots of Am. White Pelicans, Trumpeter Swans, Hoodies, and the other "usuals". Nice few hours watching birds amongst the flakes!
Good birding,
Andy Forbes, Boone Co. 
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