Jackie Chain and I spent several days(11/27/09-11/29/09) in western Missouri seeking the short-eared owls near Smithville Lake , the Clark's and Western grebes at Smithville Lake and the snow geese at Squaw Creek.  
   At Smithville Lake, we found pied-billed grebes, horned grebes, and likely a western grebe.. We did not find the Clark's grebe.  We were there Friday afternoon, Saturday afternoon, and early Sunday morning .  
   Near Smithville Lake, we enjoyed the sunset show of the short-eared owls.  We watched for at least 30 minutes in all and saw 7 owls up at once toward the end of our observations. It was neat how it started with one, then two ..so on until seven were in the air at once .  We also saw a Harrier hawk early on. 
   We enjoyed seeing the thousands of snow geese land, float, then take flight again at Squaw Creek NWR.  It was a first sighting of this wonderful spectacle for me.  The eagles were around keeping things "jumping".  
    I have posted pictures from Saturday's sightings on jcallen.smugmug.com in a gallery titled "western Missouri birds".    

   Jane Allen
   St. Louis County (although sightings were in western Missouri)
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