I have a friend that lives in the Ozarks in the Spring and Summer.
At least two Turkey Vultures love to be at his house. They can see themselves in the windows and mess all over the porch.
he has done everything the Conservation Dept. has suggessted to keep them away. One the rail of the porch, he has boards with nails sticking up. They have learned to perch where there are no nails. He has water sprays on system that detects a moving object which sets them off. He has tried foil, sprayed stuff on the windows and they still come.
When I hear his stories I have to laugh! They like his place and he is tired of cleaning up after them.
He doesn't want to hrt them. have you ever heard of them being so determined to visit a place year after year?
Any ideas on how to keep them away?
( I don't think the spider thing would work with them. They probably would eat it!)
Joyce Rosson
Holt, Mo.
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