Greetings Mobirders,

I made a quick trip up to Andrew County arriving at the private residence 
referred to in previous emails around 12:20 pm. I had my fingers crossed hoping 
the bird would be around during my visit. I drove up the long driveway, parked 
near the house, and called since I couldn't tell if they were home. Homeowners 
graciously invited me in, even served me up a piece of DiGiorno pizza that had 
just come out of the oven. Nifty. 

I ate my pizza and watched diligently out a front kitchen window for 10 
minutes. No bird. Mr. Rush walked back into the kitchen. We both looked out 
the window and VOILA, there was the Black-throated Sparrow foraging on the 
ground!!! The adult bird was hanging out in the bushes along the front of the 
house, under the window I was sitting at. It would pop out of the bushes and 
eat the seed that was scattered on the ground right by the bushes. The bird 
would drag its beak back and forth in the seed rather rapidly. I observed it 
eating millet seeds. STRIKING bird with such sharp lines of color. I watched for 
about 10 minutes at close range. Then it was gone. I didn't see if it went back 
to the bushes or flew away.

Talk about a good day....had a tasty hot lunch and a life bird all in the span of 
20 minutes. (I bought one of those DiGiorno pizzas at the store this afternoon!) 

Homeowners were so kind. I left with a big smile and happy thoughts all the 
way home!

Laura Gilchrist
Kansas City, Platte County

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