Yesterday at 11:15 the large flock of Canada Geese (about 350) and  
some Cackling (about 12-15) had left South Farm R-1 Lake and were at  
their alternative site:  the pond accessed from New Haven Rd. on the  
entrance to South Farm with the 6-column sign.  This is the pond just  
before the big curve to the left.

The Cackling Geese were sleeping and feeding on the west side of the  

It is important to note that the subspecies of Cackling Geese we are  
most likely to see here in mid-Missouri is the Richardson's (a.k.a.  
hutchinsii).  The nominate Cackling Goose subspecies, minima, is a  
west coast bird.  Richardson's are larger.

Look for the steep forehead (no slant) and the "pug nose goose"  
look.  The bill is very short, very sharp angled.

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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